How to Do a Garage Door Repair

Everyone knows that a secure garage with a well-functional garage door is very important if you have a car.

At the same time, it is also good to learn how to fix something which goes wrong with your machine. Overhead garage doors are operated with the help of an electric garage door opener and springs. It is not easy to fix these types of garage doors on your own. But you can conduct some garage door maintenance and repair activities to keep your garage door in good functioning conditions. Here are the tips and tricks to keep your garage door in tip-top position. Some important garage door maintenance routines are: 

  • Inspect the garage door thoroughly to discover the root of causes. If you found loose moving parts like, screws, bolts, or nuts inside the mounting brackets. You should tighten them to hold them at their place. In case, garage door tracks got dented, fix them using a rubber hammer. If you realized that tracks are badly damaged, replace them with the new ones. 
  • Make sure that garage door tracks are properly aligned and balanced. The track must be at the same height, parallel to each other. While inspecting and fixing the garage door, if you found that tracks are not aligned completely, loose the screws and reposition the track to its original position carefully. Don’t forget to tighten the bolts once it did.
  • Wash the garage door periodically with the help of mild household cleaner to remove dust, dirt, and any other accumulated grease. You should clean the garage door rollers and then wipe them with the help of a cotton cloth. 
  • Lubricate the rollers and tracks using a silicon spray, WD-40, or powdered graphite. You may use any household oil for this purpose. Pour few drops of oil on the rollers and tracks, let it absorb, and then wipe out the excessive oil.
  • For the overhead garage door, check the plates where the torsion springs are mounted to confirm that their screws are tightened completely. In case of any loose hardware, you should tighten them to make them secure. You should also check the hinges and change the damaged one. If you are facing the problem of a sagging garage door on one side then fix the hinges. Make sure that the piece of wood on which hinges are mounted is not chipped or cracked.
  • Next, inspect the garage door springs to make sure that they are not loose or damaged. If they need adjustment, move them to the next hole or notch to provide a needed tension. It is highly advised that consult a garage door expert to deal with the torsion springs. This job is quite dangerous to handle on your own. If your garage door has pulleys and cables with springs, then you can simply adjust them by pulling the cable from the plate (mounted above the garage door) to the end of the shaft.
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Overall, a Garage door is a combination of hardware and complex operating parts. Thus, before conducting DIY garage door repair, make sure that you are well-familiar with the mechanism of the garage door and you are comfortable with the handy tools. If you are not confident enough, hire a professional garage door repair technician to get back your garage door in a good running position and prolong its life.